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I/ Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:
1/ A. sea B. ocean C. cheap D. teach
2/ A. word B. work C. worm D. world
3/ A. desks B. parks C. pays D. effects
4/ A. govern B. some C. lesson D. month
5/ A. Pacific B. Atlantic C. American D. balance
6/ A. gun B. human C. population D. cuter
7/ A. partly B. century C. luckily D. supply
8/ A. depth B. secret C. between D. prefer
9/ A. messages B. choices C. pollutes D. classes
10/ A. oversized B. cared C. filled D. minded
II/ Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:
1/ A. mystery B. understand C. overcome D. submarine
2/ A. Atlantic B. paragraph C. Antarctic D. contribute
3/ A. garlic B. manner C. bother D. delete
4/ A. under B. offspring C. offer D. forget
5/ A. undersea B. attitude C. various D. exhausted
6/ A. offend B. insult C. baby D. sparkling
7/ A. inhabit B. natural C. finally D. evidence
8/ A. biodiversity B. international C. sophisticated D. independently
9/ A. complete B. reveal C. surface D. restrict
10/ A. indication B. understanding C. investigate D. interaction
III/ Select the synonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence in the unit:
1/ Can you name the sea animal in each picture?
A. description B. presentation C. scene D. painting
2/ It is divided into five different parts: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic Oceans.
A. individual B. dissimilar C. singular D. many
3/ Together, they cover 75% of our Earth.
A. spread B. curtain C. comprehend D. report
4/ Today’s scientists have overcome many of the challenges of the depth by using more sophisticated tools.
A. passed B. run C. flown D. conquered
5/ Today’s scientists have overcome many of the challenges of the depth by using more sophisticated tools.
A. summons B. dare C. objection D. stimuli
6/ Today’s scientists have overcome many of the challenges of the depth by using more sophisticated tools.
A. complicated B. worldly C. experienced D. aware
7/ They can send submarines and devices to investigate the ocean depths, taking photographs and samples of animal life to bring back to the surface for further study.
A. trace B. explore C. track D. look for
8/ Understanding the interactions of the ocean and marine life gives us an indication of the planet’s health and the effects of human activity.
A. information B. direction C. contribution D. evidence
9/ Small or oversized, plant or animal, the ocean’s living things contribute to its endless variety, its biodiversity.
A. start B. send C. give D. throw
10/ How can scientists now reveal the secrets of the ocean and marine life?
A. announce B. say C. retell D. report
IV/ Select the antonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence in the unit:
1/ For centuries, people have been challenged by the mysteries that lie beneath the blue depths of the ocean.
A. overhead B. top C. over D. high
2/ For centuries, people have been challenged by the mysteries that lie beneath the blue depths of the ocean.
A. lengths B. narrowness C. width D. surface
3/ How different a picture we now have of the ocean as the sea has begun to reveal its secrets.
A. public B. opening C. knowledge D. schooling
4/ The plants and animals of the sea fall into three major groups.
A. small B. tiny C. subordinate D. unnecessary
5/ Use water sparingly and keep water clean.
A. many B. few C. well D. plentifully
6/ Use water sparingly and keep water clean.
A. dusty B. stained C. wicked D. halfway
7/ Fish only species that are not of concern, threatened or endangered.
A. educated B. healed C. defended D. brought
8/ Fish only species that are not of concern, threatened or endangered.
A. bettered B. born C. safeguarded D. taught
9/ Keep only fish that you will eat; release the rest.
A. catch B. hold C. take D. have
10/ Be a smart shopper, choose your seafood responsibly.
A. soft B. weak C. untidy D. stupid
V/ Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each sentence:
1/ We`re reading a _______ book this week.
A. differ B. difference C. different D. differently
2/ She gave him a _______ look. “Are you really sure?” she demanded.
A. challenge B. challenger C. challenged D. challenging
3/ The article was an excellent piece of _______ journalism.
A. investigate B. investigative C. investigation D. investigating
4/ The company needs to reduce its _______ on just one particular product.
A. depend B. dependence C. dependable D. dependant
5/ My grandpa`s attitudes are very _______, considering his age.
A. modern B. modernity C. modernize D. modernization
6/ The sea bed _______ here to 5000 meters.
A. deep B. deepens C. deeper D. depth
7/ You`ve got to try to keep _______ as you grow older.
A. act B. active C. action D. actor
8/ He would never do anything to _______ the lives of his children.
A. danger B. dangerous C. endanger D. endangered
9/ If the product doesn`t work, you are given the _______ of a refund or a replacement.
A. choice B. choose C. chooser D. choosing
10/ We saw a quick film showing the various stages in the _______ of glass.
A. produce B. producer C. products D. production
VI/ Choose the correct words to complete the sentences:
1/ You _______ be ashamed of yourselves.
A. could B. should C. did D. would
2/ The doctors are doing all that they _______, but she`s still not breathing properly.
A. can B. could C. shall D. might
3/ We _______ to have agreed without knowing what it would cost.
A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t C. didn’t D. oughtn`t
4/ He said he _______ see his brother the next day.
A. ought to B. should C. would D. must
5/ Cars _______ park in front of the entrance.
A. mustn`t B. didn’t have to C. couldn’t D. didn’t need
6/ Are you _______ in cash or by credit card?
A. paying B. paid C. having paid D. to pay
7/ I _______ home once a week to tell my parents I`m okay.
A. rang B. had rung C. ring D. have rung
8/ I`ll pay you double _______ you get the work finished by Friday.
A. if B. unless C. supposing D. provided
9/ I wouldn`t work for them _______ they paid me twice my current salary.
A. if B. provided C. in case D. as long as
10/ We’ll buy everything you produce, _______ of course the price is right.
A. unless B. as long as C. provided D. if
VII/ Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct them:
1/ There are, (A) unless you don`t mind me (B) saying so, one or two (C) problems (D) with this plan.
2/ (A) Unless you call me (B) saying you`re not coming, (C) I`ll see you (D) at the theatre
3/ (A) If Europe fails (B) to agree on this, we can (C) tell goodbye to any (D) common foreign policy.
4/ (A) If you (B) need any help, (C) please don`t hesitate (D) to say.
5/ They (A) were wondering where (B) to hold the office party and I (C) warned the Italian restaurant (D) near the station.
6/ (A) We’d buy everything you manufacture, (B) provided (C) certainly the price is (D) acceptable.
7/ “My brother doesn’t think (A) he’ll find a job.” “He (B) should be anxious, (C) with all his education (= he does not need (D) worrying).”
8/ (A) In order that training (B) should be efficient (C) there must be intended (D) systematically.
9/ We (A) ought have come (B) to the ballet. (C) It was (D) exciting.
10/ (A) What do they need their own laptop (B) for? They (C) can use (D) me.
VIII/ Read the following passage carefully, and then select the best option A, B, C or D to complete it:
Approximately one-third of the Arctic (1) _______ is underlain by continental shelf, (2) _______ includes a broad shelf north of Eurasia and the narrower shelves of North America and Greenland. Seaward of the continental shelves (3) _______ the Arctic Basin proper, which is subdivided (4) _______ a set of three parallel ridges and four basins (also (5) _______ as deeps). These features were discovered and explored (6) _______ in the late 1940s. The Lomonosov Ridge, the major ridge, cuts the Arctic Basin (7) _______ in half, extending as a submarine bridge 1,800 km (1,100 mi) (8) _______ Siberia to the northwestern tip of Greenland. Parallel (9) _______ it are two shorter ridges: the Alpha Ridge on the North American (10) _______, defining the Canada and Makarov basins, (11) _______ the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge on the Eurasian side, (12) _______ the Nansen and Amundsen basins. The average (13) _______ of the Arctic Ocean is only 1,300 m (4,300 ft) (14) _______ the vast shallow expanses on the continental shelves. The deepest (15) _______ in the Arctic Ocean is 5,450 m (17,880 ft).
New vocabulary:
- to underlie- underlay- underlain (v.): nằm dưới, ở dưới
- seaward (n.): hướng biển; (adv.): về hướng biển
- to subdivide (v.): chia nhỏ ra
- ridge (n.): chóp, chỏm, ngọc, đỉnh (núi)
- basin (n.): chỗ trũng, lòng chảo; (địa chất) lưu vực; vịnh nhỏ
- tip (n.): đầu, đỉnh, chóp
- expanse (n.): dải, dải rộng (đất...)
1/ A. Sea B. Ocean C. Lake D. River
2/ A. it B. whom C. that D. which
3/ A. is B. lies C. runs D. stands
4/ A. on B. in C. into D. onto
5/ A. known B. considered C. thought D. remembered
6/ A. starting B. beginning C. appearance D. creation
7/ A. most B. mostly C. all D. almost
8/ A. in B. at C. from D. between
9/ A. to B. of C. with D. by
10/ A. shape B. face C. size D. side
11/ A. and B. but C. or D. so
12/ A. forming B. coming C. defining D. making
13/ A. height B. depth C. width D. length
14/ A. by B. with C. in spite of D. because of
15/ A. mark B. area C. place D. point

I/ Match the sentences, clauses or phrases in column A with the ones in column B to make meaningful sentences:


1/ The engineer _____ is my father’s friend.
A/ which makes them bored to death.

2/ Mr. Cao and Ms. Ngoc, _____ have just traveled to Paris.
B/ who can answer these questions

3/ The road _____ is not very long.
C/ which she dropped this morning.

4/ Our neighbors have nothing to do, _____.
D/ who constructed that house

5/ Jackie Chang

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